The tallest skyscraper in the world: what you need to know about visiting the Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is the tallest building in the world, which is located in Dubai. Its height is 828 meters. The construction of the Burj Khalifa lasted 6 years…

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Testo Ultra en Guadalajara Farmacias
Granada reminds Seville, which is not surprising: the same Andalusia with a corrida, flamenco, wine and other southern mischief. The ancient youth of Granada reminds Salamanca: one fifth of the…

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I cannot say that Barcelona is the best city I have ever seen, but its uniqueness and unforgettableness cannot be doubted! This city is good in everything: a magnificent beach…

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The most luxurious casino

Monte Carlo is a luxury, chic, glitter! For over a century the entire world elite has been playing in the local casinos. It was in Monte Carlo that James Bond (the “Golden Eye” series) also appeared. In the plot of the picture, the scout was following in the footsteps of the beautiful Xenia Onatop and part-time Ferrari super-driver. Then they sit at the cards and measure themselves. Who is the winner? Of course, invincible Bond!

The most romantic beach (James Bond beach)

That such a beach is considered a place in Jamaica. Here stands the villa “Golden Eye”, where the author of Bondians Ian Fleming lived. Now the villa occupied the eponymous popular hotel Golden Eye. It was on this most romantic beach that Honey Rider from the Doctor Nou series (actress Ursula Andress) appeared. Agent 007 in the film played by Sean Connery. Beautiful Hani was dressed in a very relaxed bikini swimsuit and it turned out a very frank scene.

The most scenic road

Oh, those Bond auto chase! One of these chases takes place in northern Italy, along the shores of Lake Garda. Nature around and the road itself is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. The action takes place in the “Quantum of Solace” series, and James saddles the silver Aston-Martin, which later became the nominal one.

The most unusual island

In the Man with the Golden Gun series, the British intelligence officer is looking for a professional killer. Traces of the killer brought Agent 007 to Thailand. And here on the island of Tapu (now the island of J. Bond), James Bond and Scaramanga finally met each other …

Most spectacular views

And – again the chase! Now in the series “Moon racer”. The shooting took place in Rio. The chase of James Bond for the criminal takes place on the cableway. Chase, fights, special effects – everything happens at a height outside the booths on their roofs. Spectators watch not only the struggle of the heroes, but also the most breathtaking views of the ocean, and the magnificent beaches of Rio.

Place the most brutal massacre

One of the most terrible scenes in the movie “Quantum of Solace” was filmed in the Chilean Atacama Desert. The place is a mysterious, many tens of years not knowing rain. It was here that James Bond committed the most brutal massacre of the main villain Mr. Green. Agent 007 leaves him in the desert without a drop of water …

The most picturesque mountain slope

The resort of Italy Cortina d’Ampezzo is loved by many skiers of the world. There are excellent tracks, beautiful panoramic views, one of the most desirable and prestigious winter recreation places. In the Bondyana series “Only for Your Eyes” there is an amazing chase scene on the ski slope. On the steep snow-capped mountains, Roger Moore and the motoscooters rush, depicting the extreme pursuit of Agent 007.

The most luxurious palace

In India there is the Lake Palace. Today it is a luxury hotel. It was in this magnificent palace that the scenes of the meeting of James Bond with the beautiful leader of the dangerous female gang Octopus were filmed.

The most daring chase

In the Bondyana Golden Eye series, the shooting took place in St. Petersburg, on the Moika Embankment. Agent 007, played by Pierce Brosnan, travels across the Moika on a Soviet T-54/55 tank and, as befits Bond, knocks everything in its path: walls, arches, cars. Of course, this is Bond’s most daring chase on a tank behind the Soviet Volga with the abducted Natalia Simonova!

The most secret door

There is a famous bridge in London – the bottle-green Westminster Bridge. The construction is guarded by statues of lions, under which there are secret doors. In the series “Die, but not now,” James Bond (actor Pierce Brosnan) appears in the intelligence staff of the British government, opening this most secret door.

The coolest place for diving

The Bahamas are a favorite spot for field shooting in James Bond films. And the Thunderball Grotto (“Fireball”) today is associated with the name of the famous Agent 007. It is in this gorgeous place James Bond (actor Sean Connery) and meets Italian, and fights with hired divers.

The most beautiful viewing platform

In the Alps there is an observation deck Peak of Fame (Piz Gloria). The scenes of the meeting of James Bond (George Lazenby) with Dr. Blofeld took place on this magnificent viewing platform. In the series on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Agent 007 prevents the proliferation of biological weapons. And then, escaping from his pursuers, descends from the peak of fame on skis.

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