Continental Greece attracted me primarily by meteors. Such a "star" name of the monasteries was remembered and intrigued - from where? Immediately, an association with the cosmos and God, who…

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Probably, there is no country "frontier" than Bulgaria. Many do not even consider this option of rest as “uninteresting and too expected.” I will not argue, but I have everything…

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Granada reminds Seville, which is not surprising: the same Andalusia with a corrida, flamenco, wine and other southern mischief. The ancient youth of Granada reminds Salamanca: one fifth of the…

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Parks in America are real national pride. These are natural corners with mountain, desert, rocky, forest landscapes, scattered throughout the country. And each of them is unique and impressive! What are the national parks of the United States recognized as the most amazing? Read about it in our new article!

National Park of Hawaiian Volcanoes

Created at the beginning of the last century on the largest Hawaiian island

The main attraction of this park is the active volcanoes of Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The erupting lava is constantly changing the surrounding landscape, which can be observed from the windows of the museum. Seeing with your own eyes a caldera and a crater of sleeping and active volcanoes, volcanic lava frozen on the ocean coast – in Hawaii you can not only arrange a lazy beach holiday!

Denal National Park

Located in northern Alaska

The park reserve is known for its Mount McKinley (the roof of North America) and the longest Kalhiltna glacier. In this park there are coniferous forests, rivers, lakes, valleys, tundra. Tourists come here overnight to see wild animals such as grizzly bear, wolverine, moose, lynx, as well as exotic birds. Hiking, cycling, skiing routes are developed for tourists, climbers conquer mountain peaks. And in the winter you can ride a dog sled.

Yosemite National Park

The Real Temple of Nature

… in which there are forests and rocks, waterfalls and meadows, canyons, rivers and lakes in harmony. For tourists, laid more than a thousand interesting routes and trails. Rock climbers are attracted by the granite rock El Capitan (park gate). And here you can find many wild animals and century-old giant redwoods. Experienced travelers recommend coming to Yosemite during the off season: in spring or autumn.

Grand Canyon

Park, which is rightly considered the eighth wonder of the world

This natural cleft is one of the deepest on the planet. I must say that the local landscape is in constant motion: changing, something appears, something disappears. The Grand Canyon itself grows at a rate of four centimeters per year. You can enjoy the view of this natural wonder from viewing platforms, tourist kayaks, moving on donkeys or standing on a transparent bridge towering over the Grand Canyon. This is a spectacle of incredible beauty that you certainly need to see anyone who has ever been to America!

Acadia National Park

It is an island in the middle of the Atlantic.

This park stretches along the Atlantic coast and includes the large mount Desert and the surrounding small islands. Acadia Nature Reserve has it all: mountains, forests, lakes, marshes, ocean, beaches, gravel roads with 17 granite bridges built with Rockefeller facilities. Pedestrian and cycling tourism is widely developed here, and the highest point of Acadia is the mountain with the eloquent name Cadillac.

Glacier National Park

Located in the Rocky Mountains (Montana)

The magnificent glaciers, many waterfalls and magnificent landscapes of this area are best seen on foot. And for the night you can stay in the mountains, valleys, on the banks of rivers and lakes, where you can go fishing and ride traditional wooden boats for 80 people at the same time.

Bryce canyon

Another very colorful park in North America

Its color lies in the strange-looking landscapes formed by the erosion of ice. Here you can walk through the tunnels, wander among the pines, take a walk on horseback, visit a fascinating excursion, ride on snowshoes and cross-country skiing. Moreover, this park has a developed and well-organized hiking – independent recreational and educational trips along the equipped routes. As the researcher Bryce Canyon Thomas Bailey said: there is no wilder and more magnificent beauty than Bryce Canyon, and one cannot but agree with this!

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