In year-round warm Mexico with an amazing cultural heritage, unique natural landscapes, flora and fauna, well-developed tourist infrastructure, ideal sandy beaches, you can fully and variedly relax and travel exciting.…

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The monument city, the contrasting city of Riga, the capital of the Baltic state of Latvia, is comfortably located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Riga is a beautiful…

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If you have not yet decided on the winter vacation, then pay attention to Finland, the Scandinavian country in the very north of Europe. About 30 thousand Finnish islands swim in the waters of the Gulf of Finland and the Bothnian Bay! The territory of the country is covered with green gold – magnificent forests and numerous fabulous lakes, Klondike for local fishermen.The mild climate and delicious fresh air complement Finnish nature.

A little bit about the rest in Finland

Many people know Finland as the fiefdom of Santa Claus. He really exists, lives in Lapland and is always ready to meet guests. And Finland attracts lovers of all winter sports. At the same time, the Finns do not forget about leisure time of tourists: aqua, moon, national parks, entertainment for young people and amazing shopping! History lovers can not fail to like the architecture of cities with ultra-modern buildings and ancient castles, ancient fortresses and cathedrals.

The Finns treat their always welcome guests with a variety of fish dishes and minced venison, vodka and whiskey, beer and their favorite local drink, coffee. In general, rest in Finland is a great opportunity for some time to forget about the bustle and problems, to merge with nature, to fish and steam in Finnish, to get an excellent portion of adrenaline from riding on snowmobiles and reindeer sledding. Get on vacation or a weekend to Finland – and you will surely fall in love with this country!

Here are some of the most interesting, in our opinion, Finnish resorts.

Let’s start with the capital, Helsinki, which stands on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the Gulf of Finland. Having come here for the first time, you will be surprised by the harmonious combination of wonderful nature, architecture and high technology. In this city you can perfectly relax!

The cultural program in Helsinki is, above all, a visit to the “city in the city” – the fortress of Sveaborg, the beautiful Lutheran Cathedral and the Orthodox Assumption Cathedral with golden domes. There is also one church that you definitely need to visit: Temppeliaukio is carved into granite (right inside the rock) and is famous for its incredible acoustics, which is successfully used for concerts.

If you come here with children, then without a visit to the amusement park with a real rollercoaster and the Helsinki Zoo, which was founded on the island at the end of the 19th century, you definitely cannot do!

We recommend lovers of active pastime to go to Espoo. There among the rock-restaurants you can ride from the natural mountains and enjoy the charms of the water park, equipped on a real mountain lake.

In this wonderful town is preferable to come at the end of the year to the World of Light. In Tampere, you can go skiing in two ski resorts, go fishing on the rapids of a local river, or stroll along the lakes on an old ship. Children and adults will love the amusement park, where the attractions, zoo, dolphinarium, planetarium, aquarium. We also recommend the museum of dolls and costumes and the exhibition “Valley of Moomin”.

The resort is renowned for its excellent skiing facilities and excellent service. There is also a unique ski tunnel in which you can ski all year round. Vacationers can ride dog sledding, horse riding, sailing on ice. And local thermal waters and balneology will help to improve your health.

Wonderful resort for lovers of both active and relaxing holiday. Between the ski slopes and tourist villages runs a free skibas. Athletes and tourists in a tropical water park, as well as on walks on snowmobiles, dog and reindeer sleeps and have fun.

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