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Very soon, we will be surrounded by troubles related to winter holidays: St. Nicholas Day, New Year, Christmas. Winter is a solid holiday and a lot of weekends, which can be used for recreation, having left the usual atmosphere and freeing ourselves from everyday fuss. And if you have not yet decided on the direction of the winter holiday this year, then consider the recommendations from AvesTravel.

Finland: Santa Claus and not only

This country is very attractive for holidays during the winter holidays: extraordinary nature, mild weather, friendly Finns, developed infrastructure, a wide variety of entertainment. You can travel around the country, come to Helsinki, Tamper and, of course, to visit Santa Claus in Lapland.

In Finland, in addition to stunning ski resorts, there is something that cannot be found elsewhere: exciting dog and reindeer races, and also Northern Lights, snowmobile safaris, quad bikes, ice fishing, a real Finnish sauna and luxurious spa treatments.

France, Chamonix: the oldest European ski resort

Chamonix is ​​a small village located at the beautiful summit of Mont Blanc at the intersection of Switzerland, Italy and France. It is snowing in the region all year round, so it’s not at all surprising that the ski resort was created here in every sense of the word! Here and a variety of trails of varying complexity, and ultra-modern lifts, and exceptional service. Skibasy ply between the tracks and the village, guests are welcomed by many hotels, fed by hundreds of restaurants, entertained by cinemas, bowling clubs, night clubs, discos, casinos. And what a freeride here!

Carpathians: a great vacation and a lot of fun

Here you will find not only Bukovel, but also many other interesting ski resorts: the highland Dragobrat with its snowy expanses, Pylypets with a steep freeride and many others. At all Carpathian resorts, service is at the level, prices are affordable, pleasures are the sea!

In addition to ski resorts, warm regions with a delightful beach holiday are also popular in winter.

Egypt: All Inclusive

Egyptian hotels, working on the system “all inclusive” – ​​a win-win option for a winter holiday for those who are tired of the frosty winter. Warm Red Sea, where you can swim, scuba dive, surfing, banana and other water entertainment equipment. Hot sun, clean beaches, rich buffets, rich New Year programs – all this in every hotel. Great holiday for families with children, fun friendly companies and romantics, newlyweds!

Cyprus: two in one

This island in the Mediterranean is always happy to visit. Choose the resort of Paphos, if in addition to swimming in the sea and sunbathing, we want to go skiing in bathing suits. The region has everything for it: the Troodos mountains, ski lifts, snow and sun. The most unforgettable New Year and bright winter holidays are provided for you!

Thailand: exotic holidays

Well, for those who want an absolute summer, we recommend to look at Thailand, where during the New Year holidays you will have the peak of the beach season! Heat up to 30 degrees, clear ocean water, decent service and affordable prices. And most importantly – exotic in everything: in landscapes, food, ancient temples, entertainment. Here you canoeing, elephant rides, and many other interesting things!

Portuguese Madeira: an island of eternal spring

Magnificent in its beauty and conditions for a rich vacation island in the Atlantic. Rest here is always warm and comfortable. Old beauty, authentic street cafes with delicious food, famous local port wine and absolute bliss evoke delight. And here you can try entertainment for aristocrats – to play golf. Great choice!

Bright India

Yes, the New Year at 30-degree heat is that still exotic! After all, this is India: bright colors and smiles everywhere, luxurious aromas of local spices and chopsticks, magnificent ocean and amazing spacious beaches!

Probably, it is impossible to cover all the variety of winter holiday destinations. Yes it is and to anything. We have offered you only some options, and if there is no holiday of your dreams among them, we at AvesTravel will be happy to arrange it for you! Contact our experts in any way convenient for you.

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