Probably, there is no country "frontier" than Bulgaria. Many do not even consider this option of rest as “uninteresting and too expected.” I will not argue, but I have everything…

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10 places in Jerusalem, which do not know the "package" tourists
Jerusalem is one of the most popular tourist cities. In addition to the main attractions, in the new capital of Israel there are other interesting places that usually do not…

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Why you should come to Crete
Choosing a place to rest is not easy. I want to get to the beach with white sand and palm trees, so that the feet are washed by the transparent…

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The fantasy of the creators of all kinds of water entertainment is so rich that even today they continue to amaze and delight visitors. In addition to the original and exciting rides in the best water parks of the world provides excellent service, floating dinosaurs, ocean waves, icebergs, and even erupting volcanoes! Today’s article is about the most interesting and unusual water parks.

Parisian “Aquabulvar”

In the very center of romantic Paris you will find the largest in Europe, cheerful and crazy, luxurious and unforgettable aquapark “Aquabulvar”. Here, against the backdrop of a magnificent tropical landscape, ideal conditions are created for an incredible water holiday! It is located under a glass roof, and comfortable temperature conditions have been created in it, so you can have fun here at any time of the year and in any weather. For visitors work:

huge outdoor pool;
luxury beaches;
slides of different lengths, steepness and complexity;
artificial waves;
restaurants and cafes with delicious cuisine;
the shops;
cinema complex of 14 rooms with films for all ages and tastes.

United Arab Emirates, Ice Land Water Park

A completely unusual theme water park, which contrasts sharply with similar Antarctic snow-ice themes. Visitors to the park ride from the hills and splash in the water just in the midst of glaciers and snow-capped peaks, surrounded by cute penguins. In the waters among the coral reefs, goldfish flash, water falls from above. Visitors enjoy artificial waves and whirlpools, water massage and exciting descents from the hills! There is also a football field, where players are systematically watered with artificial rain.

Kiev Dream Island

Another themed water park awaits guests in Kiev. It is one of Europe’s largest Dream Island water parks, dedicated to the theme of dinosaurs. Here you among the mammoths, dinosaurs and pterodactyls can swim in the pools, descend from the breathtaking hills, ride artificial waves, take underwater massages and enjoy delicious drinks from the aquabar. After a lot of fun, you can go to the wellness procedures in the SPA-salon or sauna.

Spanish “Costa Caribe”

In the water park “Costa Caribe” in Salou all the most-thing: a huge area, water descent from a height of 5-storey house and a paradise beach, immersed in tropical greenery. For the youngest visitors there is a two-level swimming pool with a lot of slides of varying complexity.

Japanese “Ocean Dome”

Like everything else in Japan, the water park in Miyazaki was created using high technology. Only one huge transparent dome over the head of the guests is already impressive! The ocean dome is the world’s largest indoor water park. In addition to the spa and numerous slides, there are locations for children, an artificial ocean and endless beaches, jacuzzis, cascades, cinemas, restaurants, parrots in tropical forests and even volcanoes that hourly spew lava. Unfortunately, this water park is now closed.

French “Aquaria”

One of the highest mountain tropical water parks, located right in the middle of the French Alps. The water park is interesting because each of its zones is devoted to a separate topic:

the most extreme slides for the most fearless travelers;
relaxation zone with fountains and geysers, which is regularly amenable to attacks of water projectiles and storm flows;
climbing area.
There is real tropical vegetation in the water park, there are many caves and mysterious grottoes that you can explore. And in the recreation area they offer excellent French wines.

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