A small adventure with a happy outcome added joyful exaltation and made further stay in Venice even brighter. Therefore, the Doge's Palace, in which we went, fascinated me easily. Erected…

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Greece is important to me with one more thing: interesting meetings with interesting people. And this is an important component of the “aftertaste” of travel! That is what it calls…

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Want to give yourself a bright, unforgettable and delightful in all respects holiday? Go to Scandinavia, for example, to Denmark. It is here that the happiest people live, adorn the most beautiful landscapes, and ancient architecture and numerous historical monuments harmoniously intertwine with super modern buildings. Moreover, now you can fly to Denmark even more comfortably and quickly!

Interesting Facts

The Kingdom of Denmark is an island nation: it has over 400 picturesque islands connected by unique bridges. And the shores are washed by two seas: the Baltic and the North.

One of the world-famous Danes is the famous storyteller Andersen, so Denmark can be called a fairy-tale country without a drop of exaggeration. So, if you are still in doubt, we are in a hurry to convince you: go to a fairy tale without hesitation! Now it remains only to determine the directions of your trip.

Fairy Copenhagen

It is from the capital that it’s best to start exploring the country. This city occupies not only the mainland of Europe, but also spreads out on a part of the largest island in the Baltic Sea, Zealand. Capital attractions located near the center of Copenhagen, enough for a couple of weeks of active stay, or rather – leisurely walks.

In the “I Believe – I Do Not Believe” Museum you will learn about the most amazing, mystical, incredible events that have happened in the lives of people living in all parts of the world. Exposure occupied 13 rooms! Not to ignore the Guinness Records Museum and the Erotic Museum, in which, in addition to erotic works of art, you will learn the details of the intimate life of many world famous people, including Hans Christian Andersen.

We also certainly recommend visiting the “New Glyptotek Karlsberg” museum, which bears the name of its founder, the world-famous brewer. Well, who hasn’t tried Carlsberg beer? In numerous exhibition halls collected sculptures, paintings, stone sculptures from around the world, represented the ancient and ancient Egyptian, ancient Greek, ancient Roman culture. The names of Rodin, Degas, Manet, Pissarro, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin and others are impressive, isn’t it? After the tour you should visit the roof of the museum – on the observation deck to see Copenhagen in all its glory!

Well, to make a trip through Copenhagen truly unforgettable, visit its attractions:

Town Hall Square;
Gefion Fountain;
sculpture of the little mermaid;
The royal gardens of the castle Rosenborg;
the official residence and residence of the Danish Royal Family – the magnificent palace complex Amalienborg;
commune “Free City of Christiania”, where you can see real hippies with your own eyes;
the embankment of Newhavn with the famous multi-colored houses;
boat trips along the canals;
Amusement park Tivoli with absolutely safe attractions.
Do not forget to also go to the castle of the Danish King Hamlet in Helsingor!

Where else can you go?

• Visit the homeland of Andersen – the town of Odense, located on the island of Funen. Apart from the house-museum of the storyteller, sculptures of recognizable characters are impressive, and they are everywhere: in the busiest and most inconspicuous and unexpected places.

• Take a trip to the open-air theater museum in Aarhus. Here it seems that you are dipping in the Middle Ages: carriages, carts, people in old national clothes. Aarhus is known for being born here navigator V. Bering, as well as the cathedral of St. Clement.

• History lovers in Roskilde await the Viking Museum with one full glass wall overlooking the fjord. The museum exposition tells about the life, interests and customs of the Vikings and about six reconstructed ships found at the bottom of the fjord. On the newly built ships you can ride in the harbor near the museum. Here you can get dressed as Vikings and on the deck of the ship to make cool photos for instagram.

• You should definitely visit the northernmost point of Denmark – on Cape Grenain, and stand on a thin sand bar between the North and Baltic seas.

• Travelers with children should not drive past the extraordinary Legoland amusement park in the town of Billund. Everything is here: houses, cars, nature, animals made of LEGO bricks.

• Beer lovers here are expanses: permanent beer fairs offer the world famous beer “Tuborg”, “Karslberg” and others.

Active tourists in Denmark will not be bored either. Across the country, well-equipped cycling routes and trails.

And lovers of water sports should go to the beaches from Bornholm to Jutland. This is a great opportunity for windsurfing (open sea – for pros and cozy fjords – for beginners). In the waters of the fjords between the islands – excellent conditions for boaters. Fans of fishing (river, lake, sea) will get real pleasure here, fishing for such trophies: pike, perch, trout, flounder, cod, mackerel.

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