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Bali Island is a paradise for tourists and lovers of exotic in everything: in the surrounding landscapes, local customs, national cuisine. Surfers from all over the world flock here, as well as snorkelers, divers and lovers of secluded wild rest. The warm Indian Ocean is rich in marine life, so you can enjoy the finest delicacies in local fish restaurants.

Blue ocean, tropical nature, friendly Balinese with their mysterious traditions, incredible beauty rituals and ceremonies, delicious cuisine, nightlife – this is what attracts experienced tourists from all over the world to Bali. Want exotics? Then you exactly here!

Unusual culture, religion and traditions

Balinese are the true patriots of their island. They do not even think about any other place of residence. Their culture is unique because, developing their own art (musical, dancing, theatrical, applied), they also absorbed everything that came to the island along with the conquerors. In exactly the same way they act today, absorbing everything new that modern civilization brings along with the development of tourism and putting it all on its traditions.

The island is practiced Hindu religion. But not the one in India, but its own, with elements of animalism practiced by the first Balinese aborigines. Balinese earnestly believe in the spirits of nature and worship ancestors. Therefore, there are many temples on the island, and in the life of the Balinese there are rituals and ceremonies with the help of which they try to maintain balance in the world of good and evil. Sacrifices to the gods (in the hope of a favorable life) and demons (to pacify them) are held daily. Therefore, the island smells so delicious and is saturated with perfume.

By the way, the Balinese year lasts 210 days, and each week is intended for a specific type of activity. This is how Balinese Hinduism forms not only the life of the islanders, but also their traditions and culture.

Art on the island is represented by beautifully executed paintings filled with harmony with nature and religion. Paints on canvases – bright, juicy, saturated, life-affirming. Music, theaters and dances are no less colorful and diverse, also closely related to religion. The famous Wayang Shadow Theater is the best example.

Traditional applied arts include wood and stone carving, the manufacture of ceramic and refined jewelry: gold and silver with inlays of precious stones, magnificent traditional batik, and a sculpture of sand stone.

The local island traditions, shocking tourists, include the funeral, which takes place with cheerful laughter and cheerful music. This behavior is explained by absolute faith in the resurrection of the deceased in the body of the first child, who will be born soon in the family.

The Balinese are fans of cock fighting, which they cultivate as children: comfortable housing, a special diet, washing, cleaning feathers, and emotional talk. Fights take place in front of a huge crowd, they bet on roosters and sometimes in the heat of excitement they lose everything they have acquired. But the locals do not care, and their smiles on their faces do not disappear even after losing.

Exotic cuisine

Spices in all dishes and unusual combinations of products – this is perhaps the most important thing to be mentioned when speaking of Balinese cuisine. The main dishes are made from rice, which, according to the beliefs of the islanders, the gods gave them. Chinese noodles are also honored.

Balinese people boldly mix a wide variety of products: seafood with carrots and zucchini, fruits and vegetables. The main thing – to add more spicy chili and spices: classic and exotic. The menu is always an abundance of seafood and fish. Sea turtles – the basis of delicious stews. Shrimps are used for pancakes that are very sharp to taste. From meat chicken, pork, goat make mini-shashliks – sat. They are served in all catering establishments.

Popular vegetables are cassava, yams, sago, eggplants, water spinach, beans, cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes. They are boiled, fried over an open fire, stewed in coconut milk. The same is done with bananas. And from soybeans they make pies, sauces, tofu. Be sure to present on the table Balinese and soups, especially on the basis of chicken broth.

Drinks – cold water with ice to extinguish the fire of spicy dishes, juices from various fruits, beer, wine, vodka from rice and palm trees, coffee. Meals are served on banana leaves and must be eaten with the right hand. And for non-thirsty tourists on the island, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes with traditional European cuisine.

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