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Ukraine is so diverse country that if you suddenly wanted to go skiing, relax in thermal waters, look at cities with Austro-Hungarian architecture, find yourself inside a centuries-old castle and finally hang a new magnet from a journey to the fridge – you don’t have to leave outside the country. Today we will answer the questions – where and for what to go to the Carpathians in winter.

Ski or snowboard

That’s right, the snow-capped mountains – this is the first for what they go to the Ukrainian Carpathians in winter. And here are the most popular and developed ski resorts in Ukraine:

Bukovel – 68 kilometers of tracks from the most simple (blue) to the most dangerous (black). The long route is from 300 to 2300 meters, and the height difference is from 40 to 380 meters. More than 25 tracks are designed for those who already know how to ride. About 12 tracks – for extreme lovers, and the rest – for beginners. Guests of the resort can use 16 lifts (drag, chair and multi lift). In addition to skis and snowboards, there is an opportunity to ride a snowboarder, quad bike, or to learn snowmobiles. The resort is developing very quickly, so every new season tourists are pleasant surprises. There is a large selection of hotels, restaurants, entertainment for children and adults.

Pylypets – located near the waterfall Shipot and the picturesque mountain valley Borzhava ski resort. The total length of trails in the resort is more than 20,000 meters. Pylypets is popular primarily with freeriders and snowboarders. The resort’s business card is the longest tracks in Ukraine, Mount Gimba (both in winter and summer), scenic views and clean air.

Slavske is the oldest ski resort in Ukraine. Already in the 19th century, the ski infrastructure was developing in Slavskoye – the first ski lifts were created and the first hotels were opened for those who love active pastime in the winter. The resort stretches between the wooded Beskidsky and Gorgan spur. Slavske was chosen by lovers of steep descents and high-level athletes. The winter season is long here – until May.

Zakhar Berkut – one of the youngest ski resorts opened in 2005 with. Volosyanka. Here you will find more than 10 trails of varying difficulty with height differences up to 552 meters, more than 9000 meters of descents and the longest chairlift. The resort is developing by leaps and bounds, so there are already enough equipment rental centers, entertainment for children, cafes and recreation centers.

Dragobrat is a ski resort that can be called “non-child”. Steep slopes, freeride, freestyle. For freeride, as many as 20 tracks of different difficulty levels are allocated! If you are traveling by car, then you need to be as attentive and careful as possible – the weather conditions here are quite harsh.

Volovets is an ideal resort for beginners. Here you are not waiting for dizzying descents or a variety of lifts. However, here it is quiet, calm, cozy and inexpensive. You can come here to ride with children, and in addition to physical exertion you can enrich your mind on numerous excursions that are carried out from Volovets to Mukachevo, to the Waterfall Shipot, Lake Synevyr and other attractions.

Krasia is another resort for skiers with children. At this resort you will not meet crowds of tourists and transcendental prices, but note that it is quite removed from civilization. The resort is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. The slopes are gently sloping here, and the snow is soft and loose. The ski season lasts until April.

Thermal springs

The second thing worth going to the Carpathians in the winter is the thermal springs. If you want to bask in the termalah European level, then you should go to the complex “Kosino”. There are 8 thermal pools, 7 types of saunas and a high-class hotel in the Hungarian style.
In the thermal pool of the tourist complex “Veliatino”, water is beating from a source of a depth of 1000 meters with a temperature of +36 Celsius. Water with high mineralization is used for healing and healing.

In the “Lark” complex you can enjoy not only the thermal pools, but also the Finnish sauna, jacuzzi and salt room. Thermal pool water is extracted from a well at a depth of 1150 m.

And in the complex “Gold Mountain” tourists are offered 5 thermal pools, both indoor and outdoor, with water temperatures ranging from +29 to +39 Celsius. These pools are useful for people with digestive problems. But in the case of targeted treatment, weekly swimming courses are scheduled, rather than two swims on the weekend.
If you want to warm the bones in hot water, in Ukraine there is a traditional alternative to thermals – vats. Go to Lushmory and find yourself in the role of the heroes of the film “Save King Solomon”. Only boil in a pot you are likely to be without vegetables.


Gifts from the winter holiday is best to carry from:

with. Isa – a place famous for the masters of weaving. From the vine there is nothing else! From tiny flowerpots to bast-baskets and large baskets.

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