Yes, the Vatican is a phenomenon so uncommon that the impression of his visit not only does not fade with time, but is shaped in a special way and remains…

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Little Italy is washed by 4 seas, and this alone makes it a dream of beach lovers! But the country seemed set to make it accessible to all, aggravating the…

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Set aside all your business and spend a fun and exciting weekend traveling! Especially since there are so many interesting things in the world! And about where you can brightly spend the weekend, have a good rest and recharge yourself with new impressions, read our today’s article.

Poland, Krakow

This city attracts tourists with its antiquity, an abundance of churches, amazing architecture and affordable recreation cost. Krakow personifies medieval Europe. So, go ahead – for impressions and sightseeing! Here are just a few of them:

Wawel Royal Castle – the former residence of princes and kings. Now the castle has many museums, the cathedral, the royal gardens;

The Bunker of Contemporary Art is another impressive museum;

Auschwitz concentration camp: it is difficult to call this place a tourist attraction, but those who did decide to visit it claim that it left an indelible impression and prompted a lot of thought.

And in Kraków, free themed tours are held daily.

Czech Republic, Prague

This city is beautiful at any time of the year. Here you can visit many cultural monuments and spend the evening in an inexpensive pub. What you need to relax from the daily routine!

Serbia, Belgrade

Belgrade is a big and interesting city. Hotels and entertainment are cheap, and the sights are breathtaking:
the world’s largest Orthodox church;
the historic fortress of Kalemegdan;
Palace Princess Lyubitsy;
Nikola Tesla Museum of Science and others.

Hungary, Budapest

Delightful sightseeing tours, unforgettable relaxation in the famous thermal baths, delicious Hungarian cuisine and Tokay wine – what more do you need for a great weekend!

Portugal, Lisbon

Wonderful city in terms of attractions: here you will find castles, palaces, basilicas, as well as budget accommodation, restaurants, great shopping.

Turkey, Istanbul

Every traveler should definitely visit one of the oldest cities in the world, Istanbul. Unusual oriental architecture, mosques, bazaars, bosphorus and many other attractions will decorate your weekend and give new impressions.

Greece, Athens

Perfect weekend getaway city. Inspection of the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the archaeological museum, mosques and markets is impressive and helps to distract from everyday work.

Germany Berlin

In this city there is a museum on any topic, among which everyone will find entertainment to their liking. Also worth a stroll through the largest park in the city center, explore the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and go to the flea market.

Latvia, Riga

A classic European and incredibly beautiful city with ancient buildings and fabulous tiled roofs. It is pleasant to walk along the paved sidewalks, walking into open-air cafes for a cup of coffee with Riga balsam. The famous Dome Cathedral, the Church of St. Peter, the Swedish Gate, the Powder Tower, the residence of Peter the Great, the Church of St. Jacob, the garden of Viestura, a walk through the Verman Park … And there are a great many museums here, and all of them are from different directions!

Denmark, Copenhagen

Wizz Air offers great deals on flights from Kiev to the Danish capital. So now to spend a weekend in the country of the happiest people on the planet has become even easier. Moreover, there is something to look at in Copenhagen!

The old harbor of Nyhavn with colorful houses: here you can sit in a cozy cafe and buy a couple of souvenirs for your loved ones.

The residence of the Danish kings, the castle-museum of Rosenborg. On the territory of this palace park, you can visit the puppet theater and dine in the cafe.

The park of miracles and entertainments “LEGOLAND” in Billund, completely created from lego-cubes. The mass of rides, the “Hollow” area with a soft surface, a train running around the park are just a small part of the entertainment for you and your children!

Slovenia, Ljubljana

In the Slovenian capital there is everything for an excellent holiday at the European level: architectural and historical monuments, magnificent beauty of the city center, restaurants. There is not only one: crowds of tourists and overpriced. So it is worth thinking about holding a weekend here.

Italy, Bologna

In Italy, a lot of cities in which you can go on a weekend. Bologna – a very beautiful authentic city with a famous university, towers, of which there are about twenty, cathedrals, palaces, temples, museums – it will not be boring for sure! And of course, you should definitely look into one of the student restaurants, of which there are a lot of them. The local cuisine is unique: it was from Bologna that tagliatelle pasta, bolognese sauce, mortadella sausage, tortellini dumplings with meat, cheese, vegetables and many other goodies came to the world.

Italy, Parma

You should go to this ancient Italian city for the sake of architectural elegance and excellent local cuisine. Walking, you can see many beautiful cathedrals, basilicas, churches, fountains, gardens. And in cozy restaurants enjoy delicious dishes with parmesan, ham and other delicacies.

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