7 most beautiful European cathedrals that you should definitely see
While the world community is discussing how much time (and effort) is needed to restore the French relics - Notre-Dame de Paris or Notre-Dame de Paris, which was damaged during…

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A small adventure with a happy outcome added joyful exaltation and made further stay in Venice even brighter. Therefore, the Doge's Palace, in which we went, fascinated me easily. Erected…

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Granada reminds Seville, which is not surprising: the same Andalusia with a corrida, flamenco, wine and other southern mischief. The ancient youth of Granada reminds Salamanca: one fifth of the…

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In year-round warm Mexico with an amazing cultural heritage, unique natural landscapes, flora and fauna, well-developed tourist infrastructure, ideal sandy beaches, you can fully and variedly relax and travel exciting. The country is washed by the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the California and the Gulf of Mexico. On the sea and ocean coasts, the total length of which is almost 10 thousand kilometers, there are well-kept free beaches with gentle white sand. The water off the coast is warm in any season, so you can relax comfortably here even in summer, even in winter.

The waters of the Caribbean Sea are protected by a wall of reefs, therefore, they are clean and free of waves. The bottom and long beaches of the most famous resorts of Cancun and Riviera Maya are sandy. In Cancun (Yucatan Peninsula), all conditions for adult and children’s recreation are created: hotels for every taste and budget, a variety of entertainment, water sports, exciting excursions to the oldest historical monuments.

Cancun moves smoothly into the Riviera Maya resort area. The area is famous for its long sandy coastline with many beautiful and wild beaches.

In a very ancient city there is an amazingly beautiful 20-kilometer beach with fine white sand and a gentle entrance to the clear sea. The resort area is full of entertainment facilities: clubs, bars, restaurants. Right on the wide beach for the guests of the resort are equipped with bungalows. Tulum is also good because the famous Mayan pyramids rise very close by. This resort is most often chosen by lovers of romance and secluded relaxation.

A small beach resort village, whose name translates as “turtle place”. The resort is most appreciated by lovers of beach recreation and solitude. The local beach and the bottom of the sea are white sand. Palm trees grow on the shore, and large green turtles live on nearby underwater reefs, allowing holidaymakers to swim next to them. For lovers of diving, there are also excellent conditions here: quiet and clear water.

The zone has a developed infrastructure with hotels, clubs, restaurants, souvenir shops. On the beach – gentle white sand, behind the beach – exotic lush vegetation, numerous national parks and entertainment centers, ancient archaeological monuments. This resort is also sure to appeal to lovers of fun nightlife.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, long and semi-desert, which is attractive for romantic couples, lovers of quiet measured rest and meditation. In the town there is everything you need for a comfortable stay: hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants, centers for water sports and sea fishing.

Pacific beaches of Mexico

Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos beaches are among the most popular Mexican beaches on the Pacific coast.

Noisy, actively living at night, the city stands in a picturesque bay surrounded by mountains. Acapulco has beaches for every taste.

Lively with a lot of beach cafes, comfortable sun loungers, umbrellas and awnings from the sun, beach water activities.
Long and secluded for lovers of peace and tranquility. The beaches also have amenities in the form of lounge chairs and cafes. There is the possibility of walking on quad bikes and horses.
Urban, ideal for families with children: a quiet sea, a gentle entrance, water activities.

A small resort town located on the shore of Banderas Bay. Beaches here you can choose sandy and stony, equipped for a comfortable stay. To get acquainted with local dolphins, turtles, whales, various species of seabirds, tourists sail by boat to the nearby Marietas islands.

This fishing village is famous for its beautiful beaches. Among the best: the 500-meter Principe and Zicatela, stretching in length for several kilometers. Boats go from the shore that take guests to remote, deserted beaches and fishing. The resort was chosen by surfers and hippies from around the world.

Worthy of attention are the sun-worshipers and such places: 100-meter Puerto Angelito, 70-meter Manzanio, Carrisalio, Bakocho. For you here – wonderful nature, amazing hotel complexes, beach activities, night clubs. On the coast you can see many interesting representatives of flora and fauna.

I cannot say that Barcelona is the best city I have ever seen, but its uniqueness and unforgettableness cannot be doubted! This city is good in everything: a magnificent beach…


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