Naples was not the subject of my dreams, he went "train" to the excursion in Pompeii. So due to lack of education I thought about him: at the same time…

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Dónde Comprar Testo Ultra
From the beginning of last year, literally from January, I was seriously preparing for the UK: I booked and paid for the tour, collected documents. There were a lot of…

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A small adventure with a happy outcome added joyful exaltation and made further stay in Venice even brighter. Therefore, the Doge's Palace, in which we went, fascinated me easily. Erected…

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After Spain, God himself ordered to tell about Italy: a consonant name, a close neighborhood, a similar climate, conditions for recreation (3 seas!) And a temperament of the population. Both countries are an ancient but youngly attractive Europe.

My plane-bus trip to Italy was the most expensive, but also the most comfortable. Well, the country turned out to be so beautiful that the impression of visiting it was an indisputable favorite of my virtual collection.

Our acquaintance began very calmly and uncomplicatedly: from a small cozy beach Rimini. With our route Rome – Vatican – Naples – Florence – Pisa – Siena – Venice – the most convenient way is to fly to him.

This is, of course, not the pearl of the country, but a well-known and relatively cheap European resort with a very suitable sea for the kids: shallow and warm. Although, of course, there is also its Old Town here: the date of its foundation, 3rd century BC, speaks for itself!

And once it was a powerful commercial and cultural center, but … “nothing lasts forever under the moon.” The former greatness of the 15th century Malatesta family and Roman monuments: the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge (son of Augustus) and the Surgeon’s House, where they found a set of 150 of the world’s oldest surgical instruments, remind of former greatness.

The famous “cross the Rubicon” is also our responsibility to Rimini: it was here that the river once flowed, which became a significant milestone for the army of Julius Caesar.

Argued that there is nothing special in Rimini. But Leonardo da Vinci did not think so, and the fountain in the main square, which inspired him in 1502, still adorns it!

Today in Rimini, you can enjoy your vacation at sea, without any problems “touring” in Italy: Rome, Florence, Ravenna, Bologna.

But we went to another interesting place: the Most Serene (this is not my fantasy, but the official title) Republic of San Marino. It is the oldest in Europe and one of the smallest in the world (less only Monaco and the Vatican) state. Both in terms of area and population, it is comparable to our cities of district importance: Bohuslav, for example.

The small size of the country does not interfere with its great ambitions: the passport of a citizen of San Marino opens up access to 140 countries of the world without a visa, but to become one, a citizen, you still have to try hard. In contrast to the UAE, the institution of citizenship still exists: 30 years of life in the country – and already a sanmarine! If you are lucky to live. In marriage, of course, everything is faster: some 15 years. And even a foreigner born here gets citizenship only up to the age of 18, then “extracting” him on a general basis. Still, the biggest oddity is the location of San Marino: just in the middle of Italy. And people live quietly and peacefully, without any attempts to “grab” or “liberate”, even giving their airport (Rimini) to their neighbors as a state.

There are incredibly colorful mountain landscapes and ancient architecture; together they amaze even seasoned travelers! And if you ride over all this beauty on the funicular, you get 1.5 km of continuous pleasure.

It is very profitable and high-quality shopping: Italians themselves come to this duty-free zone to save up to 20% of the cost of branded items. Tourists also do not miss this opportunity, not forgetting, however, about museums. They are not only familiar here, but also very extravagant, for example: a vampire museum, a museum of torture accessories.

But the “very thing” in San Marino is, of course, the annual “Days of the Middle Ages”: the already ancient city is finally returning to the past. And it is very high quality: they all dress in knightly armor or dresses of that era, not forgetting to bring everything around too. As if on a time machine, you can travel back to the Middle Ages, where both markets, and streets, and even entertainment are designed in the spirit of the times.

Such a tiny state with great opportunities for living and recreation. And – a great start to the Italian wonders that lie ahead.

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